Business case: Hasbro

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“Committed to creating the world’s best play experiences. – Hasbro”

Since its foundation in 1923, Hasbro has grown to become the third largest toy manufacturer in the world. The world-famous company, listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in America, is fully dedicated to creating the world’s best play experiences. For example, Hasbro is the manufacturer of My Little Pony, Play-Doh, Nerf, Transformers and the iconic board game Monopoly.

YPOS has had the honor to create several fantastic displays on behalf of Hasbro. YPOS emphasizes the power of fantasy in the character of Hasbro, by working with cheerful, bright colours and interactive displays in the shop windows. Seamlessly tailored to the wishes of Hasbro and the playful nature of a child, each of these Hasbro displays is a unique, enjoyable experience.

Our services

Hasbro’s products must be presented in such a creative way, that they attract the attention of the passing public, over and over again. Therefore, YPOS takes care of the window dressing and many different items to support the in-store marketing. Every product and every shop window is unique in its own way, and that is exactly where the power of Your Point of Sale lies. We ensure that every Hasbro production receives all the attention it deserves.

Examples of previously delivered work

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