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A selection of previously delivered work

Point of sale material can actually be used almost everywhere: in the shop, a shop window, at the office or at a trade fair, but also outside or even during special events. If  you make use of the right point of sale material, your products or services will be presented in such a way, that your potential customers certainly become your regular customers.

The design is important, the execution no less.

Your Point Of Sale would be honored to hink along with you in finding the right solution for your in-store and display issues. Is it a permanent or a one-time action? Whatever your answer might be, there are more than enough creative possibilities here that we could offer you. We deliver successful, custom-made innovations. Do you not have any idea yourself what the right option should be? We are here to guide you!

Shop window design for retailers

Unique POS-material

POS-material sets your products right in the spotlights. The largest part of the customer’s decision process takes place on the shop floor, so promotional material must be clearly visible there. Beautiful point of sale material ensures that your product get the attention it deserves. Choosing the right POS-material, therefore, guarantees better sales.

Your Point Of Sale offers you 100% support in making the right decisions for your instore communication. From permanent to one-off solutions, in paper, metal, wood, concrete and cardboard as well as plastic materials.

Imagine it, and we will make it.

Your Point Of Sale provides a full package of point of sale products for many customers. From printing the various products and printouts (Our highly modern machines print in large and small print runs and formats), to distributing the packages to various locations.

Of course, it is also the most efficient to promote something with multiple interrelated prints and items. Your Point of Sale then sends all these items in one package to the stores. We supply many retailers and major brands and we offer support in the arrangement of your promotions and delivery of the POS products. You do not have to worry about anything, from production to shipment.

Your convenience is paramount.

Instore communication